Saturday, May 18, 2013

J.C. Penney Auto Parts

Yes, at one time Penneys sold auto parts.  My old man bought a battery there for his 63 Corvette, which carried a lifetime warranty.  When Penneys stopped selling auto parts they still honored the deal and gave him cash to go buy a new battery, more than a few times.


  1. Yep, we did the battery thing too on my Grandma's car. They also sold Benelli motorcycles and mini bikes - first 750 Sei I ever saw was at Penneys.
    Their A/FX brand wheels were private brand Appliance as I remember at first; when AP started to sublet the wheels to japan, the company that did them pulled a typical and didnt renew their contract, after having learned how and being set up. AP then started subletting to mexico and the japanese company became enkei...

  2. Same here. Bought JC Penney battery for my '63 Corvette, still using the warranty. Getting battery from Firestone store when needed. They just have to check out your paperwork and charging system on your car to make sure it's operating right. What a deal. can't tell you how many batteries I've got from this deal. They did try to buy back the warranty one time for $125, my response was "see you later boys".