Sunday, July 17, 2016

Denis Dodge

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  1. Interesting photograph in that it, to me at least, shows a bit if 'how it really was' bitd. In the early to mid 60s, 'mags' werent THAT common, least ways out here in the middle of the country. There were some naturally, but usually on the cars of cool adults or the occasional rich kid. Most teenagers cars looked like this in that they sported black steel wheels and narrow whitewalls. When you got a couple of bux ahead, youd put chrome lug nuts and some of those 'spider' chrome center caps on to dress it up. Period photos of the staging lanes or pkg lots at small local drag strips and parking lots will bear this out I believe.
    When I get rich and famous and get my 64 Plymouth, I may actually forego a set of S/Ss, TorqThrusts or Radirs and do this. For awhile at least... :)