Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ragsdale Motors


  1. Interesting... cant tell if its a 68 or 69, but the AMX poster[s] in the window dates the photo; first thought the buick out front would. The signage is certainly closer to 62 spec. Anyway, even at that, what a unique combination - Pontiac, GMC, buick and Rambler. Plus it appears, that the dealership has picked up toyota.... :(

  2. The sign on the corner of the glass, on the left says:


    The Buick on the left is a '62 LeSabre 4-door hardtop.

    According to this PDF doc from the Buick GSX site:


    Ragsdale Motors was at 1211 Main St. in Lebanon, Oregon. Today it's Primasing Motors (Buick-Chevrolet-GMC). The Pontiac and Oldsmobile names on the blue awning out front have been covered with black paint or tape (they're visible on the 2007 and 2008 views on Street View). The brick on the front has been covered with vertical aluminum siding, so that it looks like a metal building (weird), but the shape is still the same.