Friday, December 11, 2015

Tom Carrell Chevrolet

Help me out.  I have no idea what this Camaro is.  Is it a special Carrell built Camaro ala Yenko?  A Zone special ala California Special Mustang?  What is it?  Ive never seen one before and could not find a photo online.  The fender says something but its not readable.  And the correct spelling of his name is Tom Carrell.


  1. Well, it appears to say 'tracer' there under the Camaro badge on the fender. New one on me too...sorry Im no more help.
    Think its worth posting on one of the better/more historically oriented Camaro forums tho, maybe even or whatever the forum dedicated to Yenko, Nickey and Baldwin Motion cars is called. Im curious too, but I bet its a dealer applied sticker only package.

  2. Second thought... what high school yearbook is this from? They might have a class webpage...maybe someone there remembers or knows someone who had one [?]

  3. Hmmm...just checked back in on this to see if anyone else had found anything and noticed my comment from a couple of days ago never showed/is no longer here... anyway, did find a little mention of these cars over on fwiw.

  4. Your two comments are still here. I saw the post over there and commented on it.

    1. This is just a guess, and I've posted this already to Facebook Genuine Chevrolet today, but... I believe it was just a Tom Carrell project. I think the work was done at a shop a few blocks away from his dealership, called Rembrandt. They did similar work for another dealership I worked parttime for. The bottom lettering I believe reads TRACER, the emblem above it reads Rally Sport, the model of this Camaro.

  5. Did ya? cool. But my third one where I included a link is worries. Glad maybe we can shed some light ; just love dealer specials!